The PDX Tutoring Team

Our team consists of Brian Lee, Eli Ronick, and Amy Miller, all experienced tutors who have a passion for accompanying students on their path to academic success. Their unique academic and professional backgrounds enrich their knowledge base and focus areas, and inform their specific tutoring approaches and philosophies. We all work out of our private office conveniently located at the I-5 and 217 interchange in Lake Oswego, with the option to travel if needed. Please see below for more information about their backgrounds, interests, and tutoring philosophies.

Brian Lee

Brian Lee Owner, PDX Tutor Solutions

Brian unexpectedly entered the world of tutoring seven years ago when a friend's son requested his academic help. When the son excelled after working with Brian, the family recommended his services to their friends and families. Word of mouth spread, and soon Brian frequently tutored high school students aiming to improve their academic performance and test scores. A base clientele was formed, and Brian began to find that his passion lay more in teaching than in law. He loved the relationships he formed with students and their families, and the satisfaction of seeing students reach their full potential. In 2012, Brian made the decision to leave his legal position and to tutor students full-time.

Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Math (Through Calculus), History, English


Skill Coaching: Test Anxiety Reduction Skills

Tutoring Philosophy: "I believe that a student's greatest asset is confidence in his or her own abilities. I seek to empower students by providing them with a skill set that supplements their own test-taking strategies with time management, issue-spotting, and test-anxiety reduction techniques. With an approach that emphasizes strengths and addresses potentially problematic areas in a patient and strategic manner, students reach their full potential."

ElI Ronick

Eli Ronick PDX Tutor Solutions

Eli brings 7 years of teaching and tutoring experience to PDX Tutoring Solutions. He moved to Portland in order to attend Lewis & Clark College where he graduated in 2006. Since then, he has worked at a variety of schools in Portland including, most recently, The Ivy Charter School, where he worked as a Spanish and Math teacher, Benson High School, Lane Middle School, Sellwood Middle School as well as Josefa Frias CEIP in Santiponce, Spain, where he worked on a scholarship visa to help build a bilingual program. Eli is currently taking post-baccalaureate classes at Portland State University in preparation for graduate school. In his spare time, he loves to be outside hiking, playing sports, reading and cooking.

Tutoring Subjects: Language Arts, Spanish, Social Sciences/Social Studies, Math (Through Calculus), English Language Learners Instruction


Skill Coaching: Time management, Study skills, Test Anxiety Reduction, General study skills, ADD/ADHD

Tutoring Philosophy: "I believe strongly in creating a positive environment where students can become independent, self-confident learners. I try to strengthen students' confidence through the satisfaction of completing a task, repetition and consistency, time management skills, test-taking strategies and techniques, and breaking down difficult concepts to make them easier to process."

Amy Miller

Amy Miller PDX Tutor Solutions

Amy has a passion for learning, and loves to help others develop the same passion. She began tutoring SAT and ACT students in 2009, but soon expanded her clientele to include younger students working on their math and reading comprehension skills as well. Her students ranged from those who had fallen behind grade-level benchmarks to those looking to perform well beyond the level of their peers. She has also worked with multiple faith-based organizations to develop curricula and classroom policies that support their unique challenges and needs. In her spare time, she loves reading just about anything, cooking with her husband, and taking walks with her son and dog in tow.

Tutoring Subjects: English, History, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math (through Advanced Algebra)

Test Prep: PSAT, SAT, ACT

Skill Coaching: Time management, Test Anxiety Reduction

Tutoring Philosophy: "While learning facts is an important component of success in school, knowing how to learn is vital for success beyond. In the process of learning test strategies, I work with students to discover how they learn and help them develop skills and learning techniques that can be applied to any subject matter. I believe that with a greater understanding of their own skills and abilities, students have the confidence to thrive in any setting."