Our Commitment:

Our goal is to empower clients to feel confident in their own abilities and to give clients the necessary tools to maximize their own potential. We work with clients to create goals and periodically review progress in order to effectively problem-solve and create attainable objectives. We cannot guarantee specific test scores or grade increases for our clients, but we do guarantee that we will: treat each client with respect, patience, and compassion; focus on empowering each client; and work with each client to problem-solv​e areas of need.


We ask for payment through check or cash on the day of the appointment. If paying by check, please address to PDX Tutor Solutions. Payment for services varies by tutor: Brian’s appointments occur in our Lake Oswego office and are $100/hour; Eli is mobile and his fee is $75/hour, with a two-hour session minimum. Appointments with Eli require this two-hour minimum due to logistics of travel time.


We do our best to serve a variety of students and meet their scheduling needs, so we request 24 hours notice for cancellation of sessions. We do understand that life can be unpredictable, however, so we grant one cancellation within the 24 hour period without charge. In this instance, we must be notified of the cancelation through e-mail, phone, or text before the appointment time; individuals failing to contact us regarding their inability to show will be charged the full amount. Any following cancellations occurring within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will account for full payment of the missed session.

We reserve the right to waive this policy secondary to inclement weather, emergencies, illness, and other unexpected events. If a student does not show or cancels without proper notification three or more times, we may decline future services to ensure that we can fully meet the needs of other students.


We are committed to our clients’ growth and our goal is for them to feel confident in their abilities. As part of this commitment, we often ask that clients complete homework tasks to solidify their knowledge and to fully integrate learning. We know students’ lives can be very busy,with school commitments, outside coursework, and extracurricular activities, so we value students’ time outside the tutoring session. We ask that clients do their best to complete tutoring assignments in a timely fashion, before their next scheduled appointment.


Much of our growth originates from client referrals, so we greatly appreciate these recommendations. As a token of our gratitude, we will provide you with a one-time $25 credit for each new client whom you have referred.