Subject Tutoring

In our individualized private tutoring sessions, we give students the tools to feel confident in their abilities and reach their academic goals. Our emphasis is always on students accessing their own potential and using their own strengths to succeed, and we work to facilitate this environment of empowerment in our tutoring sessions. We additionally strive to create an encouraging, supportive environment, an atmosphere that fosters students' abilities to challenge themselves and ask clarifying questions.

During the initial appointment, we assess students' strengths, needs, and learning style. Once this assessment has occurred, we work with students to develop academic goals and plans of action. As we continue to work together, we frequently revisit these initial goals to assess our progress and make any needed alterations. We know that students seek tutors in order to achieve concrete results, and we are just as committed to seeing clients reach their goals.

Oftentimes, our tutoring sessions consist of guidance through areas of focus as well as the development/strengthening of academic and test-taking skills. We coach students through research processes, and we clarify concepts, review papers and essays, and strengthen students' problem solving skills. We focus on alleviating anxiety around certain subjects by breaking down concepts into understandable sections that can be combined into a more comprehensible whole.

Subjects Include:

Science: General and Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Math: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics

Social Sciences: United States, European, and World Histories; Government

Language Arts: English and Literature, Writing, English Language Learners (ELL) Instruction

Foreign Language: Spanish