Skills Coaching

Effective tutoring involves assessment and strengthening of students' time management skills, ability to deal with test anxiety, and other important scholastic proficiencies. We teach students effective and strategic techniques, such as time management planning on tests, to help them gain mastery of a wide variety of academic situations.

Oftentimes, students experience greater confidence after learning and developing these academic skills. This confidence, in turn, decreases anxiety and creates the optimal environment for peak performance.

Some of our specific areas of focus include:

  • Test anxieity reduction techniques
  • General test taking skills
  • Time management skills
  • Study skills

In addition, we have experience working with students with a variety of learning styles and backgrounds, including students with ADD/ADHD and students learning English as a second language. We tailor the above techniques to individual students' learning styles and emphasize existent strengths to help all types of students succeed.